About Rantcaster

“Rantcaster” is a company in formation, with the objective of reintroducing music and spoken poetry as powerful forms of journalism/op-ed/commentary.  Rantcaster will provide a curated library of topical music and spoken poetry to web publishers, who can embed selected content in relevant print articles to “punctuate” the issue for readers.  Rantcaster’s library will contain both legacy content, arranged by topic, and – more importantly –  new content produced “on demand” by Rantcaster’s network of artists as stories break.  Web publishers can utilize Rantcaster-curated content either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, and can also commission Rantcaster to produce “bespoke” songs or poems that would inform a major journalistic initiative on an important topic (e.g., global warming, economic inequality, human rights, etc.).  Our near-term goal is to establish strategic partnerships with a small number of leading web publishers, to collaborate in the design and delivery of this new service.